Dear Stranger,


We wish you a very merry and wicked welcome to this website. That said, we wonder. Why are you here?

Please don’t be offended by this abrupt, immediate question. We mean no harm. We ask it only in jest.

Well, almost only in jest.

It is understandable that you should have arrived by some accident, say one which we might owe to a sudden impulse—as our warm greeting may indicate, we wouldn’t hold that against you—but we worry. Yes, we worry, for accidents can be dangerous, especially for those accident prone, and they happen all the time. Not always are they happy, either. Frequently, rather, they serve a rude awakening, something ruder even than our abrupt, immediate question, like our website. So, to the point!

Altruism, Dear Stranger, and not not mere jocularity, raises our question, altruism, fair and light. The basic human condition is a  happenstance, and often is the behavioral landscape a harbinger of night. Open eyes stay our hearts, as they grow heavy with the knowledge, the intimately human knowledge, that, like so many disastrous things, your arrival was precipitated by an impulse. Therefore, we would have you watch and be watchful, be wary and circumspect, before coming in.

While we jest, our inmost decency demands you inspect behavior and not just yours. We ask: Why are you here?

Strange drives, wild compulsions, and other bric-a-brac adorn your behavioral landscape, dim beneath lunacy, limned under insight. They cut through that landscape, cleaving a heady highway, their highway, with you captive in the trunk. If that is so, then you’ve come to the right place, and the question is answered. We are merely dreaming that you are not curled up alone, miserably, but at our entrance and enthusiastic. If this isn’t so, then your lid is already popped. Either way, come past the threshold and stay awhile. Horror is on display, yes, but never mind the hands, fell cudgels all. Oh, they are darling things. Look, here’s a shaking mace, palsied in the grip of coincidence and fate. Yes, come in, come in. And welcome again, for rest assured, or rest interred (you decide, heh-heh), we don’t have to be straightlaced to like the straight horror of our long lost Slade. In fact, the real, lifelike monstrosities this website is all about is as likely to take ’em as make ’em crooked. This simple truth knocks. It lurks behind this door (and the doors of your eyes).  

All are welcome to twist their knobs. The art mentioned or featured is available in the cellar, or will be soon (for a price, of course, if sanity isn’t the coin of your currency). Please note that if you are wont to descend, then prurient as well as pure interests will be served (if not induced by) heaping helpings of humane monsters and monstrous humans.

What’s that?

Yes, they dine in the basement, and fair game is anything from your socially suspect virtues—or other oddments, perhaps earnest oddballs—to the abysmal evil rewarded by society in average America.

[This website, more prosaically, includes info about Nate Slade and his projects, and it has blog posts about his work (and his writing more generally). He himself will keep us updated in the projects and blog sections. Sometimes he’ll even post excerpts of work, or his short stories will appear in the blog.]



The Undertakers.

(The photo above of the teeth baring zombie is a photo of Nate Slade. He was working with Tom McLaughlin, a.k.a T.D. McGhee, on Supplyrun (Momento Morbid). McLaughlin’s genre bending work on zombies can be found on Facebook at , Instagram at, and, (perhaps) most importantly, on Amber Lance Studios’ website at )