First Slade It Review: Richard Laymon’s Into the Fire.

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Here is my first review/comment, which is on Richard Laymon’s Into the Fire (2005). It is the first of many reviews to come.

I give the book 4 out of 5 stars.

This was a fast read, and I’d have finished it in a day or two if I hadn’t had my own writing to attend to.

This book is an excellent example of how good horror can be written without appeal to supernatural elements.

The story, at first, follows two protagonists independently, and then their individual story lines cleave closer and closer together until one of them… Oops, I almost spoiled something. I will say, though, that their are lots of spoiled things near the end and throughout.

Both protagonists have satisfying character arcs, there is plenty of action, and a few neat resolutions occur. Recommended for those interested in satisfying prurient interests. Think extreme horror with the full contingent of elements that make for well rounded genre fiction: so, in my opinion, Into the Fire is a stellar exemplar of extreme horror.

My favorite thing about this book is how seemingly easy it made doing heinous deeds. Would you like to experience that vicariously? Would you like to experience that simpliciter? You’d have trouble finding a smoother, faster read to lose sight of the fact that you aren’t doing just the latter.

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