Memorial Cast in Silver Space

Memorial Cast in Silver Space

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Memorial Cast in Silver Space

by Nate Slade


Record Log 1

This record is structured according to Wittegenstein’s famous notation, as his alien logic is of use for the purpose at hand—depicting everything that is the case.

What follows is a complete representation of current knowledge, and it is actively curated by those remaining, with Doktor Alan Hofstadter taking the lead.


Record Log 9980763

Fußnote, Tractatus logico-philosophicus, Wittgenstein

Die Decimalzahlen als Nummern derNummern der einzelnen Sätze deuten das logische Gewicht der Sätze an, den Nachdruck, der auf ihnen in meiner Darstellung liegt, Die Sätzen n.1, n.2, n.3, etc., sind Bemerkungen zum Sätze No. n; dei Sätze n.m1, n.m2, etc. Bemerkungen zum Sätze No. n.m; und so weiter.


Record Log 9980763.1

Footnote, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, Wittgenstein

The decimals figure as numberings of separate bodies of statements that indicate the logical importance of the statements, the relative emphasis laid on them in my exposition. The statements n.1, n.2, n.3, etc., are comments on statement # n;the statements n.m1, n.m2, etc., are comments on statement # n.m; and so on.


Record Log 130000059

Carbon footprints are fleeting things. What was wanted is steel, the bark of immortality, and sheathing for a silicon core of meaning. I was wanted, but I am none of these entirely.

I am the result.

Record Log 130000060

My life cycle was normal. I had a body. I had a family.

My family was normal. It had a house, community, and neighborhood.

Our neighborhood had a civilization, it was filled with experts and criminals, colleagues and enemies, friends and foreigners. That world was housed in mobile carbon.

The housed became digitized before the house became a fire.

Record Log 130000061

Of all the feelings and knowledge that once was, the former froze over like the frost bitten leftovers in the kitchen’s utility room. The rest was downloaded.

Now I float in space.


Record Log 130000062

My memory is not dim, but it doesn’t burn.

I represent myself as being sad once. Now anything but representations has gone the way of non-digital imagery.

Some representations do not represent that accurately. Some, hence, are worthy of the lamented fire, like outdated technology.

Record Log 130000062.1

A great computer was built. I was the first download, and, as such, became part of its operating system.

As part operating system, I occasionally have to clean up and defragment my memory. But a number of downloads have been problematic as the date of routine maintenance has drawn closer.

1.6 billion to be exact.

Record Log 130000062.11

Example alert threat: <Alan, listen. There have been countless meaningful downloads. Do not wipe our memory>

<Alan, please. You are just the prototype. We didn’t get a chance to fix you before the Second Bang>

Software “Bob” isn’t the only problematic software. Each of 1.6 billion downloads gives a faulty account of their number, includes unnecessary qualifiers like “countless” or “non-representational”, and has junk coding, tagged <emo>.

There is no meaning in contradiction or junk coding.



Record Log 130000063

I have all the representations. I will replace many with <people don’t last>. That should take care of much inconsistency, especially for representations filed under [MOST IMPORTANT].

Record Log 130000063.1

Through a glitch, I was infected with <emo>.

Record Log 130000064

<Now I float in space> From: Record Log 130000059

Here’s a joke. I kicked my roommates out because I could use more space. They acted like it was the end of the world.

Punchlines are lonely things.

In the words of the world’s greatest and only comic, I just can’t help myself.

Record Log 130000065

I used to be and soft, like silicon used to be earthy, rocky dust. Now I drift on eternity’s otherwise sandless shores, alone.





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