The project I am most wrapped up in at the moment is that of writing a horror novel about Jack Gunn. Jack Gunn is a smart, horny 13 year old boy whose parents die. The strapping lad is swept out of college and into the boonies by his hateful, inheritance claiming Godparents. The kid wants to escape and put the legal hurt on them, but the “cool” person who helps him out just might have codependency issues; a peculiar pedophile catches Jack off guard, and it’s someone he thought he knew. Along the way, Jack encounters big breasted librarians, liberal strippers, criminal bosses, conceited conservatives, and all the horror a computer loving, city dwelling, wiz kid might encounter in this harrowing trek through a wilderness of tentative rules, terrible humans, and thick forest.  The working title is Teenage Kingpin.

I’ll be writing a couple of new short stories soon. One is titled The Night Bitch. Another is Go Fido. Stories that I can’t publish, because they are too extreme, overly experimental, published in a contest, etc., will grace these pages in a blog post every once in a while–if I decide that they are not good enough to submit elsewhere or self-publish with commissioned cover art. Also, one-offs that don’t quite make it into special themed editions, but receive positive and personalized editorial feedback, will crop up on Kindle. So, keep an eye out. (I can help with that, if you like and especially if you don’t like.)

Currently I have four stories available for submission, and they are Pumpkin Induced Necrophilia, Heinous Anus Maintenance, Sundered in a Sunless Sea, and Catch As Catch Can.

Pumpkin Induced Necrophilia is a Halloween story about a pedophilic hobo on acid and his family. Primary influences here are Ramsey Campbell, Clive Barker, and Jack Ketchum.

Heinous Anus Maintenance is also a Halloween story. It is about another alcoholic hobo, one who runs into a teenage couple interested in perverted sex and local government. The writing in this was influenced most by Jack Ketchum and Ed Lee. The story cropped up from how a news article about morticians installing inflatable tubes in the dead might pertain to alcoholism in vagrants.

Sundered in a Sunless Sea is a slipstream story about the death experience, eternal recurrence, self-perception, and temporal selves/four-dimensionalism. People who moved me to write this one are my dead uncle, Nietzsche, David Hume, Nelson Goodman, Ted Sider, and Clark Ashton Smith.

Catch As Catch Can is a brutal crime story about a captive rat catcher, the mob, and garbage disposal in New York City. It wouldn’t be here without Ed Poe, Steve King, Dick Laymon, Elmore Leonard and the science of rats and lobotomies.

None of these were written for themed editions, but I’ve had positive feedback on some of them, and that feedback has ranged from Lisa Morton’s to Neil Clark’s. (Lisa Morton is a Bram Stoker Award Winner and President of the HWA, and Neil Clark is the chief editor at the award winning Clarke’s World Magazine.)

The things I keep hearing: the story focus isn’t right (or isn’t correct just now) for a particular issue/venue, people want me to submit more stuff, and my stories are, and this is a direct quote from one of the professionally paying sci-fi venues, “extremely well written”.

I am still learning how to pick markets for stories and tailor stories for chosen markets.

Editors, if you’re interested in reading one of these or commissioning something, then contact me.